Your First Appointment


Call to make an appointment


We strive to provide a comfortable, stress free experience when scheduling appointments with Dr. Bynum. When you call to make an appointment, one of our friendly receptionists will ask you some basic information about your insurance, pharmacy, and demographics such as email, phone number, and mailing address.

One of our certified medical assistants will then contact you by phone a few days before your scheduled appointment to ask basic medical history questions such as your medications, allergies, past medical / surgical history, family history, etc. This helps save you time on your actual appointment day allowing you more time to discuss your main orthopedic issues.



The day of your appointment


On the day of your appointment, arrive at least 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment. You must bring a photo ID, insurance card, and any outside X-rays or MRI’s you had done at other facilities. You will be asked to sign several standard forms such as our privacy policy, financial policy, prescription policy, etc. These forms will also be available online to download and sign prior to arrival once our new patient portal is set up this summer.

The duration of your visit varies depending on the complexity of your orthopedic problem. We never want a patient to feel rushed and strive to spend as much time as necessary with every person. You will likely require specific X-rays prior to being seen by Dr. Bynum and this process is usually fairly quick.



We'll make sure your questions are answered


At the end of your visit with Dr. Bynum, one of our medical assistants will sit in the room with you and make your follow up appointment, send any prescriptions to the pharmacy or therapy, and generally make sure that all of your questions are answered.