Our Services

Braces & Splints


We boast a wide selection of top of the line medical equipment such as advanced sports braces, injury prevention braces, and after surgery supplies. We can custom fit the right brace for your needs. We also provide computer assisted shoe orthotic fitting.



Our modern X-ray system is 100% computerized. This means there is no time waiting for films to develop and more time actually treating patients. Once your X-ray is taken, it is sent digitally to the exam room before you even leave the X-ray room.



Our open MRI scanner makes for a relaxing and pleasant experience, great for those patients who must avoid standard, closed MRI’s due to claustrophobia or discomfort.

Physical & Occupational Therapy


We offer full service physical and occupational therapy right in our office. With 3 physical therapists and 2 occupational therapists, our patients receive the most advanced rehabilitation available.