Email PolicyBilling


In accordance with guidelines set forth by the American Medical Association, please understand the following when communicating via email with our staff:


1. Please understand our email is typically answered within a 24-hour period and only during business hours. Urgent matters for our patients are to be directed to the office staff by phone or if it is outside of business hours, to our 24-hour answering service. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please call “911”.


2. Acceptable emails are to be simple and non-urgent. Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida has the right to decide what is and is not appropriate for email. We are unable to diagnose or treat medical conditions via email. If your concern is complicated, it would be better for you to call during office hours or schedule an appointment. If your concern is unable to be met through email correspondence, we will notify you via email or a phone call.


3. Please understand that Joint Implant Surgeons of Florida staff are the only individuals who will read emails received to the provided address. Security within our website and email system is appropriately enforced. Security of electronic correspondence is limited to your server, computer, software, browser, and personal computer access.


4. Copies of all email correspondence are kept as part of your patient record.


5. We are excited to provide additional means of communication with our patients to address simple needs and questions. If we feel email communications are being abused, this means of interaction will be terminated and messages will not be addressed.